Spring 2015 Worksession

On Saturday, January 30th, the active brotherhood along with a dozen or so active alumni, the Purdue chapter of Triangle Fraternity received another face-lift. The master mind behind the worksession, Pat McCarthy pur86, came up with a number of renovations for the basement areas of the house, including the dining room, the recreation room, and the chapter room.

The chapter room was looking good, recently being repainted (Old Rose and Grey) by the PMS pledge class (pur12) but still needed some finishing touches. Current Alumni Board treasurer Jim Marshall pur65 took command of this project. Jim directed a number of actives with putting in a new baseboard, while Jim cut the pieces to length outside. The dining room project was lead by Greg McNamer pur09, changing the tray lighting by removing the existing bulbs and adding LED strips, which are white, blue, red, and green in color (red isn’t pictured below). The dining room was also repainted and the wainscot was re-stained. In the recreation room, Dr. Mark Bowman pur71  and Jeff Ott pur91 led replacing the light ballasts, replacing broken ones and also updating the rest to current standards. Brian Jarman pur01, Greg Moss pur07, and Yancy Wilcoxon pur86 were also leaders in the dining room project.

The actives had a great time working with almuni to help improve our chapter home! We’ll be having another work session for the Fall 2015 semester, if you are interested, please contact Mitchell Hanberg at secretary@purduetriangle.org with any ideas or questions!



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